The Best Free e-commerce Website Builders You Should Consider before Launching Your Site.

E-commerce websites are one of the best decisions you can ever make if you would like to expand your customer base. The internet has attracted billions of users with the largest number utilizing various social media platforms. As a result, you will find many e-commerce platforms integrating these social media forums into their tools so owners and their clients can have a wonderful time selling and shopping.

You need not worry about funding if you are strung on cash. There are website builders happy to provide their tools for free just so your online shop can achieve its success goals.

Top 3 e-commerce solutions providers providing free services

  • Wix

This is one of the most popular builders in the market. They are loved for their easy to use interface and stunning e-commerce website templates. As if that’s not enough, Wix provides a second level domain along with 500 MB in storage space and 1G in bandwidth. Their in-built Google Analytics is perfect for enhanced quality services. You will also have the pleasure to enjoy quality support services vital to your clients’ satisfaction.

  • IM Creator

If you want professional, you cannot do any better than IM Creator. Their e-commerce websites designed to make online shops look creative and attractive are some of the main reasons many prefer this builder. Not only will they give you free e-commerce tools to customize your site, but their free images will also take your website to a whole other level. Used by more than 11 million site owners, IM Creator is successful in supporting their users with;

SEO tools

ShopRocket powered e-commerce solutions

Google Analytics

XPRS feature for easy site building

  • WebsiteBuilder

Business start-ups are looking to make smart decisions go with this free e-commerce platform mainly due to their CRM feature that helps improve marketing and upgrades websites. It is both user-friendly and mobile friendly. You can create a creatively unique online store using any of the over 10,000 e-commerce website templates as well as integrate your online shop with major social media platforms. To get your page on the top of popular search engines, their SEO tools will more than satisfy that goal.


Various e-commerce solutions like Shopify and BigCommerce that require you to pay for website building services are wonderful. But there comes a time when our pockets do not align with our goals. We should be grateful for free website builders who usually come to the rescue.